5 Common Fat Loss Mistakes

17 Jun

mistakesI preach this stuff every single day! And it seems I cannot get this across enough to my clients. If there was one article on my website that I would rank Top 10 this would be one of them!! So here you go 5 common fat loss mistakes:

  1. Focusing on body weight instead of fat. If you want success, focus on fat, not weight. You may actually gain weight during a training program due to muscle growth. Muscle weighs more than fat. Remember, weight loss is not the issue, loss of body fat is. Use a more expansive check on your progress like body measurements, body fat percentage, or the easiest way checking how your clothes fit. My clients tend to gain weight during the first few weeks of workouts because they are gaining muscle mass. The scale is a better check during your later progress. This is where The Biggest Loser goes wrong too!
  2. Believing carbohydrates are a bad thing. You know the rave? The low carb diets and such.  But you must know – your body NEEDS carbs. Many important nutrients are found in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide energy. Low carb plans are simply a short term tool and should never be regarded as a long-range dietary approach. Read my blog post about Low Carb Diets.
  3. Ignorance of the enemy’s hiding places. One of the biggest problems in losing fat is failure to realize where the fat is coming from. There are a couple of primary sources – trans fats and sugars. Another enemy is sodium. Read nutrition labels thoroughly to determine precisely what’s in the food you are consuming.
  4. Failure to prepare ahead. One of the biggest traps in the war on fat is the time trap. When most people get rushed, they turn to fast food. Planning ahead will allow the foresight to prepare or purchase healthy food items that can be eaten on the run. Sign up for my email newsletter and get your Free Food Combo Guide now.
  5. A diet that is too restrictive. A tight diet leads to fat loss yes. But a regimen that is too rigid leads to too much temptation to break the diet. That in turn leads to binge on forbidden foods. Also I have noticed the body can  produce a withdrawal effect of certain foods. The result is typically a collapse in the entire plan. Use a variety in food choices, and occasional allowances of foods not on the plan, to ensure success in the long term.

What do you do to ensure fat loss success? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Happy Training!! Kathie 🙂

The Thera-Plex Unit System

27 Nov

The Thera-Plex Unit has five different positions in which the machine systematically works on your body. Yes it is easy exercise but there is so much behind the process. It takes time using the unit before you understand the system. But it is very unique and extremely effective – no matter your physical condition. I have yet to find anything else out there like it.

There are 3 different speed areas on the Thera-Plex Unit. The speeds range from zero to ten. So a client recovering from a shoulder injury may want to do a speed of 3 on the arm area while the athlete working his muscles out after a hard workout in the gym may use a speed of 10. The 3 areas of speed focus are:

  1. The arms and upper back
  2. The mid section/core and hips
  3. The legs

The 5 areas of systematic work are:

  • Area 1 – The arm bars and shoulder pads move to begin the process of aligning the spine, correcting the posture, lifting the rib cage, working the upper back and upper arm areas. This is also where the circulation process begins. Alot of clients mention that they feel stress relief that they may be holding in between the shoulders during this time. And anytime the arm bar is moving and your hands are holding onto the unit, you are working on the toning of the muscles. The circulation that is felt is working on the separation of fatty tissue from the muscle tissue. Eventually that will breakdown the fat and it will be eliminated as a toxin.
  • Area 2: The hip pads move with the shoulder pads and arm bar to elevate the rib cage and allow circulation to flow from the bust to hips. This works the entire upper body – arms, shoulders, chest, waist, abdomen, hips and upper thighs. This process firms and tones the upper arms too. Of course anytime the arm bars are moving you are toning the arms. This lift in the rib cage also gives a slight stretch which essentially gives your lungs more room.
  • Area 3: Only the hip pads move working the lower abdominal area, hips, and inner thighs. This is usually most client’s favorite part of the entire cycle. It works the core and the most popular trouble spot. This cycle is almost like a rest cycle as only the hips are moving. And the next cycle that starts (the legs) usually startles most beginners with the unexpected jump.
  • Area 4: The legs move in a reverse bicycle motion, exercising the inner and outer thighs and hips. This reverse bicycle motion is awesome because there is absolutely no impact on the joints whatsoever. And of course you can increase or decrease the speed according to your comfort zone or fitness level.
  • Area 5: In the final position the legs, shoulder pads and arm bars move in unison to begin the all over ‘cleansing process.’ This step rids the body of toxins, impurities, and fatty tissue. The entire circulatory system is stimulated in this position. This is probably the best and most unique cycle on the unit. You cannot get this type of circulation anywhere, at least not that I have found. The Thera-Plex Unit in general is unique because you getting exercise on a different plane of gravity, but I will save that topic for another article.

So a typical treatment would go as follows:  For 30 minutes one would balance the workout at 6 minutes per area. And a typical medical treatment would consist of 45 minutes at a balance of 9 minutes per position. Once the client has been using the unit for a while we can systematically increase time in different areas according to their needs. Some people even add more time to their treatment and just focus that extra time on problem areas.  Sometimes the medical clients will spend more time on weak areas or less time on weak areas depending on the nature of the injury. Please note a medical client can consist of anyone from the person suffering from arthritis or a stroke, to a paraplegic, or even an accident victim.

The Thera-Plex Unit is very unique and very systematic. It takes some time to understand how the unit works but by working with it and reading my articles you will understand quickly.

The Thera-Plex Jiggle

20 Nov

The Thera-Plex Unit causes what I call the “jiggle factor” during your treatment on the unit. When you lay on the unit the jiggle affect is felt right away. Most people feel weird when it hits them but it is going to happen to you no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you have 10% body fat or 50% body fat there will be jiggle. Nor does it matter if your speed on the unit is a 3 or a 10, although the jiggle will be higher at a 10. And don’t worry, this is a private type of exercise.  But you really want the jiggle – and here is why!

What the jiggle is doing is separating the fatty tissue from the muscle tissue. While you exercise on the Thera-Plex Unit, the machine is creating this undulation affect, or a gentle vibration affect. This is kind of like a massage underneath you. While doing so it causes your body fat to jiggle. This jiggle is what makes the unit so beneficial and unique! Your circulation is greatly improved which positively affects so many different things in your body.

You want this jiggle and you don’t want anything to stand in the way of the jiggle either. Penny, the previous owner of Body Designer, told me that even someone’s panties can cause a tightness that will affect the jiggle. So the looser the clothing the better!

The first time a client is on the unit the jiggle does feel a little weird. But once they see the benefits they realize that they want that jiggle!

Let me give you a little analogy of body fat and that jiggle factor. Bacon grease: after you cook bacon the grease, also known as fat, is very liquid and easy to move. But let that grease/fat cool and it becomes hard and difficult to move. That is very similar to your body fat – at least as far as the Thera-Plex Unit – jiggle factor is involved.

So when you are on the unit you are warming the fat up, making it easier to eliminate. During the very last cycle in your exercise treatment, when the arms and legs are moving together, you are moving everything in your body and basically working to eliminate those toxins.

Of course the body is not going to eliminate all the fat in one treatment. That would not be natural. That would be called liposuction; a very medically evasive procedure. But if you are consistent in your treatments (at least 3-30 minute treatments a week or 90 minutes per week) and follow a healthy diet you will most likely eliminate that unwanted body fat and be feeling and looking great in no time at all!

You can also read more articles on exercise on the Thera-Plex Unit here – it is not just for weight loss!