Do You Really Need a Multi-Vitamin?

05 May

Do you really need a multivitamin and mineral supplement? Do supplements have any real benefit?

These are two questions I’m always asked. While there are many variables involved such as past medical conditions, allergies, and other issues that need to be addressed by a medical professional before taking any supplements, the below list provides an answer for many common supplements and what they are reported to do for the body.

This is by no means a complete listing of all the vitamins and minerals that you would need to supplement your diet. This is simply an interesting list of the responsibilities of some of the vitamins and minerals.

-Vitamin A Vision, bone formation, cell membranes, and reproductive function.

-Vitamin B1 Energy production.

-Vitamin B2 Vision and cells.

-Vitamin B3 Cardiovascular system and serum cholesterol.

-Vitamin B5 Energy production and helps you handle stressful situations more easily.

-Vitamin B6 Mental clarity and immune system.

-Vitamin B12 Nerve structure and red blood cells.

-Vitamin C Joints, tissues, bones, blood vessels, as well as your body’s immune.

-Vitamin D3 Healthy bones and calcium absorption.

-Calcium Nerves, tissues, cells and energy production. Also helps prevent bone loss.

-Magnesium Cardiovascular system, blood pressure, and energy production.

-Potassium Water balance, pH levels and energy production.

-Iodine Energy production, skin, nerves, and energy production.

-Zinc Immune function, joints, and tissues.

-Copper Nervous system and cell respiration.