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24 May


The Biggest Loser Premier was on the other night and I watched parts of it on my DVR yesterday and once again the show did not let me down in the crazy way they introduce fitness to severely overweight people!! Am I the only one who sees the danger in all this insanity? Please tell me!! Comments welcome.

I watch the show out of sheer interest to learn more about fitness which is my passion. And I truly love Jillian Michaels and think she is a great trainer. HOWEVER, the show lacks a true perspective on what is really at stake here and that is people’s lives. Ironic huh? Is it going to take someone dying for them to get this? Heck a gal almost did just that – and she did not make the show. “Lucky for her!” I say.

This season the show is all about “paying it forward” – so they say. The only thing I see them paying forward is leaving so many overweight people in the dust.  They went from city to city, picking 3 overweight people out of this huge crowd of people for the show. Then these 3 people  had to compete in a fitness challenge and only 2 people who won these competitions then got to be on the show. Hmmm – how is that paying it forward? I would think the most un-fit person would benefit most from being on the show but then again this show is called The Biggest Loser for a reason!!

I watched a couple of competitions in pain and agony as these poor people struggled!! And I fast forwarded through most of them because it was just too painful to watch.

But then there was one. And talk about painful, this one was agony!!! This poor girl was struggling to climb 500 steps and then started having an asthma attack. Oh but Jillian was there with her inhaler (*insert sarcasm here)! The poor girl then passed out. Paramedics were standing by. How convenient? And, get this, the competition continued!!! Yes it did!! The poor girl was back there dying – literally. And the two guys who were already going to win their way into the show still continued to climb the stairs, while the audience cheered. YES, The Biggest LOSER is in fact The Biggest LOSER!!

Mind you that poor girl had spilled her guts in the diary room on camera on national television about how she had been in an abusive relationship and how she had gotten into this condition in the first place. And now she was left behind – in a trail of dust. Is The Biggest Loser going to really help her? I doubt it. They did not pay it forward, they dropped the ball as far as I am concerned.

They do this in the name of health? Yeah right! I’m sorry but as a Certified Fitness Trainer I see the lack of help and concern for true fitness on this show. You simply cannot throw an unfit person into a gym and make them start working like an athlete after they have been sitting on the couch for years. You have to condition the body into fitness and slowly get the heart back into shape. You run the risk of heart attack right then and there. This show does not teach this concept and therefore, we have unfit people hitting the gym and pushing the limits in gyms all over America and having serious health issues, including heart attacks. I know CPR and we have to be certified in CPR for this very reason. But I tell you I really do not want to perform it!! Jillian and those trainers on that show have a slew of doctors standing by ready to jump on any condition that arises – I don’t.

Please take it slow when entering a fitness program. You can lose weight and it will drop off fast if you weigh a lot even if you start off slow.

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