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08 Feb

Le-vel Thrive is extremely expensive and definitely a pyramid company that will brainwash you if you are not careful.

As a Certified Trainer I have done some research and tried some new things and found some things  very similar to Thrive vitamin system. And much better too! Upon trying these things for one month I have found some proven results and a huge success! At a much less cost.

Let’s talk about their vitamin for starters:

Vitamin for women Cost: an outrageous $60 for one month OMG!

Here is the nutrition value for one capsule:

A great alternative is a vitamin I have found at Exclusive Brands 728 x 90

actually I get 99% of my supplements from Jamie Eason Signature Series Multi-Vitamin is a natural food based vitamin, that is  vegetable based and has digestive support.

Cost is ONLY: $15.29 for a one month supply! That is a whopping 75% less than Thrive. Imagine what other awesome supplements you could buy for that extra $45! Read on and I will be happy to tell you…..

But let’s talk about protein first. Thrive’s Shake is $50 for just 16 day supply!! OMG! I feel bad for being brainwashed by their antics!!

Not only is Thrive’s “protein” shake expensive but it only has a measly 15 grams of protein per serving. I know Thrive has vitamins in their shake but like a fellow body builder told me, “why not get your vitamin from a supplement?” Duh! 

So I found a GREAT tasting and longer lasting more substantial protein in Trutein by Body Nutrition!! Logo Blue 150x150

Let’s talk about price: Trutein is $32.59 for 27 servings and $49.99 for 53 servings. Because I love my protein so much I buy the bigger serving container and drink at least 2 a day. You can’t do that with Thrive or you’d run out in 7 days!! And Thrive only has 15 grams of protein. Trutein has 25 grams of protein. If you are trying to build muscle and sustain the appetite you need a whole lot more than 15 grams! And the cost is a no brainer. #savemoney

Like I just said, if you were to get the protein out of Thrive you’d be out in 7 days and that is just for 30 grams a day! You get 50 grams a day with 2 servings of Trutein and you won’t run out for almost 4 weeks. Making the cost 4 times cheaper. Actually it is even cheaper because there are 53 servings and Thrive is only 16 servings. OMG I feel bad for the brainwashing that took place! lol

Ok so now about the patch. That is the only thing I could not find a comparison. However, part of me wonders if it is psychological because I do not miss it. But if you are so sold on it I recommend to keep on buying that. They would be worth it.

But if you wanted to cut it out completely, think of the money you would save. I was spending $162 per month on Thrive. Now I spend a whole lot less and have a whole lot more.

I now have a great vitamin an even better protein, an awesome pre workout, BCCA’s or aminos, a fat burner when I am getting ready for some kind of event like bikini season or a party, and I even have money left over to get my son vitamins and try different supplements for my clients.  Oh and if we are talking about the money I spent on Thrive I even have money left over for new clothes and dinners. I am feeling worse about the dang brainwashing. 🙁

Next post will be about my pre-workout, BCCA’s/aminos and fat burners.

Have a healthy day!!

Oh and quit wasting money on Thrive. 🙂

To read a more detailed article on the scam Thrive is click here.

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