Losing It with Jillian Michaels a Must See With Cautions

10 Jun

Jillian Michaels the trainer on The Biggest Loser has a new Reality TV show out called Losing It. She goes into a family’s home for a week and totally transforms that family’s life. She basically life coaches them to a life of wellness and health. There have only been two shows out thus far and I can tell you they are absolutely fabulous! I love them and here ‘s why. Well there are some flaws and I will tell you about those here too.

I have been a trainer for about 8 years now and my undergrad degree is in Psychology. I can tell you that 95% of the population who is overweight has an underlying issue that is psychological. Heck 100% of the population has an underlying issue that is psychological – right? Anyhow, you tap into that issue and you tap into the resolution! Easier said than done. I use my psych degree every single day in my personal life as well as my fitness life. And the thing I love about Jillian is she uses psychology too. Her mom is a Psychologist. 😉

The show that was on this past Tuesday, June 8, 2010 was great! It was about a single mom of two children ages 12 and 10. The father/husband had died of a massive heart attack two years ago and the mom was on her way to join him if she was not careful. Thank goodness Jillian stepped in.

There is one thing about this particular episode that I want to note here. The daughter who was 12 was asked what her goal would be over the next 6 weeks before Jillian would be checking back in on the family. The girl was quick to say, “I will lose 20 pounds!” I was so very happy to hear Jillian say, “I don’t want kids thinking about weight loss. I just want you to think about being healthy.” I was so ecstatic to hear Jillian say this. This is so important! Children/Teens should never focus on their weight. Children/teens are growing and they could “grow into” their weight. But children need to be taught to focus on their health rather than their weight.

I can’t stress enough how important this concept is!! Kids hear their own parents talking about weight loss so they naturally think they need to focus on this as well. Remember this! Be careful parents!!

There is one thing I totally disagree with Jillian and the show producers on regarding this show as well as The Biggest Loser. They take the client into the gym and throw them on the treadmill within the first 15 minutes of working out with total disregard to heart rate and what they are doing to the client! In any fitness program you enter into you must take it slow. I never throw an unfit client on the treadmill and tell them to start running. That is a no-no! I mean I know CPR but I do not want to perform it.

The Biggest Loser and Losing It never mention calculating your heart rate and what that number should be and the number you need to keep it below to be SAFE! Safety is my priority and I do not see them teaching safety anywhere on these TV shows, except maybe in small print at the end. And who reads that?

It scares me because I think people will go try to work out like they see these guys doing on these TV shows because they saw the trainers pushing these clients to the limit. The novice person in the gym might hurt themself by doing what they think is okay from watching these shows. When  in actuality that limit looks like death to me. But what happens when these people push themselves and end up having a heart attack? Please don’t do that on my time! Like I said, I know CPR but I don’t want to perform it.

So what is safe? Well, for starters, NEVER get your heart rate over 220 minus your age in beats per minute. For example, if you are 30 years old, your heart rate should never get over (220-30=190) 190 beats per minute. And once it hits that number, or gets close to that to number, it is best to not just stop what you are doing too. It is best to take about two deep breaths among those short shallow breaths while you keep walking at a slower pace. This will bring your heart rate down quickly and enable you to continue your work out. If you just stop walking while your heart rate is that high you could encounter a dangerous condition called blood pooling which is a condition that could make you faint. That is why I say – keep walking and bring your heart rate down with just a couple of deep breaths. Also note that if you take too many deep breaths you could hyperventilate and pass out. See? There really are many things to take into consideration when doing cardiovascular exercise. And when your heart is not healthy like these clients you really run a risk!! Remember that!

There is a time and a place to push a client to the limit like Jillian does but that is not  your first 30 minutes in the gym after spending 20 years on the couch. I sure wish they would teach this on those shows and maybe they will. Hopefully, not after they really do major damage to people!

Okay so now that you know that important fact about working out I feel like watching this show is of great benefit to you! Jillian helps people and families just like I love doing! That is my favorite thing about my job – meeting all the different people and all the different circumstances. Training clients is a joy, life coaching is even more joyful. Watching the clients blossom is the greatest gift in the world – love it! My show, it would be called Loving It. Until next time, Kathie


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  1. Okay so after watching Losing It a few weeks ago I actually heard Jillian mention the word “heart rate” I thought I was going to faint!!!! But she was working with a gentleman who was physically unable to exercise. That is why she mentioned heart rate. Remember she has a full staff of doctors watching these clients exercise. I guess I’d feel safe if I had that luxury. But I’d still mention the precautions these people must take. It is my duty as a Certified Fitness Trainer. -Kathie 🙂

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