This is where you will find out what is happening at Kathie’s Fitness. If you want to work out with Kathie this is the place to come for info. For more information about Kathie’s fitness certifications and qualifications please visit the About Kathie page.

***Note September 2017***

Now offering for the month of September $15 for 30 minute session, either cardio or strength. Hurry this offer won’t last long and expires September 30th.

The TheraPlex machines were damaged when the gym flooded at OCuSOFT. They sustained some water damage to the motors and the electrical systems. This will be checked and monitored as soon as we are back in the gym, early October. Please check back here for updates.

Now training at Planet Fitness, join me as my guest or join the club. Planet Fitness Rosenberg, TX

30 Minute Personal Training Program with Kathie

I have been Certified Fitness Trainer since 2002. I then became Certified as a Specialist in Senior Fitness. What this means to you is I can teach you what NOT to do so you will be fit at 90+ years of age. I am also a Certified Specialist in Sport Conditioning and can train you to better perform at any sport whether that be golf, football, baseball, softball, swimming, body building, basketball, etc.
I mainly train at Planet Fitness, you do not even  have to be a member, you can come as my guest. I still train at the TW Davis YMCA. And if you belong to another gym I can always teach you my fitness program at Planet Fitness and you can take your program to your gym. I have worked at LA Fitness, Any Time Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, and Fitness 19 in the past.
One of my most popular programs is Slow Train Strength Train which is excellent for someone who has not worked out in a while. Any person of any age can and will see phenomenal results from this type of training. What can you expect? Well listed below are some of the results you will see from this type of program:
    • More strength
    • Greater endurance
    • More calorie-burning lean muscle tissue to your body
    • Reversed age related muscle loss (sarcopenia)
    • Increased metabolism and how many calories you burn even while you’re resting
    • Greater fat loss
    • Stronger bones
    • Reversed aging of muscle cells (expresses younger DNA in the nuclei)
    • Improved cardiovascular fitness
    • Improved cholesterol levels
    • Lowered blood pressure
    • Improved low back pain
    • Better control of blood sugar
    • Improved immune system
    • A number of other benefits

And all you need to do is train 20-30 minutes 2-3 times per week.

If you have hit a plateau on your fitness I can help you overcome that. Did you know that you will hit a plateau at 6-8 weeks of the same program? Let’s change up that program real quick and get you back on track. I can sculpt your body into the machine it was meant to be, no matter your age or fitness level. Call me today: 281-248-6295

COST for 30 minutes: $25

TheraPlex Use

I have limited time slots open for TheraPlex use. If you’d like to use the TheraPlex please reserve your spot now. From *2-6:30pm Monday-Thursday at OCuSOFT Campus. *new extended hours

Benefits of TheraPlex:

    •  Stress Reduction
    •     Tension Relief
    •     Favorable pulse and blood pressure changes
    •     Improvement in sleep patterns
    •     Improvement in anxiety, mood, and depressive reactions
    •     Weight loss
    •     Cardiovascular conditioning

Call today to find out more 281-248-6295


Where does the personal training take place?
Most of my personal training takes place at Planet Fitness Rosenberg,  TW Davis YMCA and/or in client’s home gyms. It just depends on what your goals and needs are. You do not have to be a member of Planet Fitness to train with me there.

How often do I have to, or can I train with you?

That is entirely up to you and depends on the amount of time you have and how committed you are.

If you are taking a class or training with me in the gym, most of my clients train about 2-3 times per week.

What is your appointment policy and why do you have that?
It is easy to skip out on a workout, especially if you are just starting out a new exercise regimen. As your personal trainer, you hire me to hold you accountable.

Personal Training

  • $45 One Hour Session at Planet Fitness, your location, etc. Remember Kathie trains Water Fitness too!!
  • $25 for 30 Minute Training Session.
  • $40 Group Sessions (up to 4 people with similar goals) = $40/hour.
  • $200 for 5 Hour Sessions

If you train at the TW Davis YMCA (map) you will train under their packages. Please visit their website or the YMCA for more information. Or Call the TW Davis YMCA for more information about training with Kathie Owen: (281) 342-0730.

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