I Joined Planet Fitness

22 Jan


So back in November I joined Planet Fitness. Crazy, I know but I needed a gym that had a stair climber <-my favorite cardio, and the Y does not have one nor does the gym I run. I know why….a rolling stair case is a tricky piece of equipment. They break easy and require a lot of maintenance. Having said this, one of the four stair climbers has been broken in the gym since the beginning of December. Who knows if they will fix it either.

Planet Fitness is a cheap gym, prices are very cheap at $10 a month, who can’t afford it? So because it is cheap it is very crowded (at least in January) and misused!!

They claim to be “home of the judgement free zone”, meaning you can’t be a “meathead” or “gym rat” and work out there. Kind of stupid in my opinion because they claim to be non-judgemental but they will turn on a siren and call out someone for dropping their weights or grunting in the gym and even discontinue their membership. BTW grunting is sometimes necessary to get through that rep as it is necessary for the tennis player to grunt to get that hit just right. Not that I do it but for the serious athlete it is necessary. Dropping weights is another story but sometimes necessary as well, but use discretion and be courteous to those in the gym.

Like I said I only use the stairs and I get my workout done in as little as 20 minutes. I have enough time to watch people in the gym though. Let me say this….if you want to know what NOT to do just watch those working out in the gym. Entertainment at it’s best!

Here are a few things to watch for:

  • POSTURE. Posture is one of the most important things to focus on when working out whether that be cardio or strength training. I see so many people slouching on machines – this is just wrong! And when lifting weights they do not focus on standing or sitting correctly. This leads to posture imbalances or injuries.
  • INTERVAL TRAIN CARDIO. You must interval train to get results, no matter what your goals are. If you jump on the treadmill (any equipment for that matter) and go the same speed the entire time you are never going to overcome that plateau. An interval should be so hard that you barely reach a minute, slow down/rest work for about 2 minutes or the rest of your workout depending on your stamina and go fast again. Intervals build endurance and also strengthen your heart and lungs so oxygen moves through your body better. Your heart and lungs are the most important part of your cardio fitness and you must make them work more efficiently to benefit from all the sweat and tears.
  • NOT CLEANING EQUIPMENT AFTER USE. The gym is one of the dirtiest places in the world. It is full of bacteria and germs. Imagine holding onto someone else’s sweat or sitting in their butt sweat. GROSS!!!! I carry around a cleaner and wipe the equipment before and after use. All gyms have antibacterial wipes and towels nowadays for this very reason.

I joined the gym in November and once January hit it was packed with new year resolution fools. It is already slowing down a bit but I really dislike working out with so many people in the gym. It is gross and  full of people doing their workouts wrong. So many people jump into a fitness regimen and end up hurting themselves. Take it easy, slow start and work your way up to the “all-out” work out. There is a reason we fitness trainers are CPR certified. As I like to say, “I know CPR but I really do not want to have to perform it.”

Take it easy and happy training!! Kathie

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