How I Found Success and Trained Myself

15 Nov

31637-eat-clean-and-train-dirtyI am sharing my personal fitness story here to help others I train. What I have done works and it works wonders. I am 51 years old and losing weight is not easy at this age. However, I have trained myself with this program I am sharing now for 6 weeks now and have found a method that works for me.

It consists of training correctly, eating clean, supplementing and enjoying myself in the process. Please know that as of this post I have lost 10# and 4% body fat. My main goal is to lose 3% more body fat. Weight does not matter to me because I know through all my years of training and living in this body my weight does not matter.

  1. Number one thing I am doing is hitting the gym at least 3 times a week and slow training all the muscle groups. Slow train means hit each machine and train to failure, or as I like to call it success. Fatigue each muscle out and then go from there. I can complete an entire body strength training session in 25-30 minutes. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite things to do is watch someone sit at one leg machine for the entire time it takes me to get through my entire leg workout and be on to upper body. And I can guarantee you I am getting 100% better workout than they are!! That’s a fact! I am not training cardio at this time because I want to gain muscle. Cardio training for me would cut into my muscle building loveliness. 😉 Note: Please know that I realize everyone does not do the same workout and this is not a cookie-cutter program. I am just saying what works for me right now.
  2. Supplement, before and after my workout. I take a pre-workout drink at least 30 minutes before my workout. OMG is this stuff awesome. I have the BCAA’s that I need in this drink. (Here’s a link to my BCAA post). I drink it and I have to hit the gym. I am pumped!! I also make sure to take my protein 30 minutes after my workout. The main thing both of these do is aid in recovery and no muscle soreness so I am able to workout again – soon. I miss the soreness I used to feel from the DOMs (well kind of) but I absolutely love the fact that I can hit the gym tomorrow if I want. I take NLA Uplift for her and Trutein Protein Shake (pictured below). truteinupliftforher–I buy all my supplements from But you can search them on your own if you’d like. Logo Blue 150x150
  3. Take a multi-vitamin. I take an awesome vitamin that definitely replaces Le-Vel Thrive and is much less expensive. I have done extensive research (on all my products for that matter.) Compare $60 to $15.29—-duh no brainer! I take Jamie Eason Signature Series Multi-Vitamin. If you are looking for something to replace Thrive you’ve come to the right place! Exclusive Brands 728 x 90
  4. Probably the most important tool I use for my success: MYFITNESSPAL app. This app is a great tool to keep you on track. It sets my caloric intake according to my goals and I stick to it as best I possibly can. Sometimes it will shock you as you think something you are eating is healthy and low-calorie and you’ll find half your calories and/or fat grams for the freaking day is in the one item. Really!! True story!!

So those 4 items have helped me stay on track. How did I find out about these? you ask. Well, I did tons of research. First thing I did was get off of Thrive. To me, Le-vel Thrive is a scam of a company!! I have been taking it for a year. It is a great product, don’t get me wrong but it is way over priced. And who is getting the profit? You figure it out!

The vitamins I take (#3) are the same, actually better than Thrive’s Vitamin for women.

The shake from Thrive is really tasty and probably my favorite item from them. However, Her Whey from NLA is the exact same product, actually it is better! It doesn’t taste as good but it is a protein with vitamins!! And it includes the BCAA’s you need, this makes it better than Thrive. Thrive’s Shake is $50 and this one is $38.53

However, I take the Trutein ($32.59 and you have 10 more servings and twice the protein) for my protein and that is because I love the taste and the amount of protein I get from the powder. It is the absolute best!! I love that feeling of drinking my protein after my workout….ahhhh!!

BTW eat clean and train dirty. That is my philosophy. Your nutrition plays an important part of your program. I have finally abided by that rule and it shows!! I rarely eat processed foods and I feel fabulous!! You should try it.

I still drink my beer. However it is in moderation. I have also switched back to Michelob Ultra as opposed to Miller Lite for the time being.


Happy Training! Kathie 🙂

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