Extra Supplements for Women

08 Feb

I have been a Certified Fitness Trainer since 2002. That is a long time. Because I have been in fitness so very long a lot has changed. Supplements are one of the biggest changes in the industry and today there is so much you can do to enhance your program that it is utterly overwhelming. However, do a little research at http://www.bodybuilding.com and you will easily find products that work for what your goals are.

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Please note this is only 3 types of things I take. Not everyone likes the same thing. However, if you are serious about your fitness regimen you need a multi vitamin, a protein, and a pre-workout. You MIGHT want to add an amino or BCCA and maybe even a fat burner. It is all up to you.

For vitamins and protein that I currently use please see this post. Again, this is my personal taste and a way to get away from Le-Vel Thrive.

However, this post is about my pre-workout, my BCAAs or aminos, and a natural fat burner that you must cycle off of in order for it to work.

My current pre-workout is a deal breaker. By that I mean it gets my ass out of bed in the early morning and motivates me for that workout. It gets my energy flowing. I look forward to taking it. That is how a pre-workout should be. What do I take you ask? I take Uplift  by NLA for Her.

This stuff works great. You can feel the tingling sensation within 10 minutes and you know you better get your butt in the gym and workout or else you are going to loose it! It gets you through the toughest workout. It enables you to lift heavier, work longer on your cardio and just get a better workout. Who doesn’t want that? For more information on Uplift Bodybuilding.com Logo Blue 150x150.

To build muscle you need amino acids and protein. Aminos help your body do so much. I enjoy the extra energy I get from my amino supplements which has more than just BCCAs. I actually take 2 different ones. The first one I take is called Amino Lean by RSP.

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I like this because it gives me that afternoon boost I sometimes need. It also helps me repair those muscles so I can get back in the gym quicker.

I also like NLA for her Her Aminos. I usually take that after my intense workouts, which are, well 3 times a week….sometimes I get 4!

There are also fat burners out there! I have only tried one kind and I really liked the way it curbed my appetite and helped me drop that extra fat I was trying to rid myself of in the beginning of my workout phase 2.

I am cycled off fat burners for now, as we all should do because they lose their effectiveness. I plan going back on my fat burner before that fun beach trip and bikini season this June! 😉

Remember there is so much to supplements. Ingredients are key. Clean is key too. I watch both. I also read reviews on all products and stay up to date so I can tell my clients what will help them.

Have a healthy day!

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