Gym Rules

21 Oct
  1. To avoid getting sick, clean off machines and equipment before you use them. Even though the person before you is supposed to do it, they may have forgotten.
  2. Don’t trust the calorie count on the machines. Use a heart rate monitor for more accuracy.
  3. Since class descriptions are often vague, watch a fitness class before you take it to avoid having to walk out of a class you don’t like or that’s too advanced for your fitness level.
  4. Try out different instructors to find one who challenges and motivates you the most.
  5. Preregister for classes when available to save time before class.
  6. Show up for a class at least five minutes early to get a good spot, shake off any stress from the day, and chat with the instructor if you need to let them know you have an injury.
  7. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned exerciser, anyone can benefit from a session with a personal trainer. Schedule one every few months to ensure you’re continuing with proper form and to learn new moves to keep your fire for fitness alive.
  8. To ensure your shoelaces don’t come undone during your workout (which could be bad news when using gym equipment).
  9. Wear your exercise clothes underneath your everyday or work outfit if possible. Not only will it save you time in the locker room, but if you’re already wearing your sports bra and capris, you’re less likely to skip that noon SoulCycle class.

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