Heart Rate Monitors

15 Dec

Heart Rate Monitors are a must when doing cardiovascular exercise. It is imperative for your health to check your heart rate and keep an eye on it. What is your heart rate supposed to be? The calculation for maximum heart rate is as follows: bpm = beats per minute

220bpm – your age = maximum heart rate

Technically your heart rate should never get over this number. But if it gets close and/or over you should not just stop your exercise. You should slow down, take a couple of deep breaths amongst those shallow breaths. Your heart rate will come down. The key here is NOT TO STOP! You can have a serious condition if you just stop exercise at this time.

For great articles and more information about heart rate please read the following blog posts. Also be sure to shop the links below for your own heart rate monitor. I even found one under $15.  A heart rate monitor is a great thing to have handy for healthy exercise!!

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