Lemon – The Natural Wonder

03 Dec

Lemon is a natural product that can help your system more than you know. I tell my clients to drink hot lemon water first thing in the morning. That would be a concoxtion of 2 oz. of hot water mixed with 2 wedges of fresh lemon or one to two tablespoons of lemon powder. Hot lemon water will clean the coating accumulated in the mouth and digestive system which allows the body a fresh start on the digestion of food eaten at breakfast. It has been proven that hot lemon water taken on awakening is an excellent liver corrective and is better than any anti-fat medicine ever invented.

Did you know that lemon makes an excellent appetite suppressant. Lemon is a natural diuretic and can help aid in the release of toxins.  Let’s say you have been eating a diet high in sodium, drinking lemon in your water all day long will help you eliminate that water your body is retaining. Click on the link below for your True Lemon today! Hot lemon is also good to help a cough or sore throat when a cold or flu is present. Get your lemon today!!

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