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How Exercise Helps with Depression

Tweet If everyone knew that exercise worked as well as anti-depressant medication, then I don’t think this disease wouldn’t be affecting so many people. In other countries, doctors now use exercise as a first-lineread more

Jumpstart Your Metabolism with These Simple Tips

Want some simple tips to jumpstart your metabolism? Kathie gives some easy tips that you may or may not even thought of, read this blog post to find out how today!

Healthy Sleep: Why We Need It and How to Get More of It

Kathie tells why sleep is so important in our fitness. She gives you key ways to help you get more sleep. And tips on how to make your sleep better.

Enhance Your Body Language with Perfect Posture

Kathie tells how to enhance your body language and confidence by improving your posture.

Hamstrings, Could Muscle Injury Cause Back Pain?

Kathie explains how a hamstring injury might be the culprit of that back pain.

Interval Fitness Training and The Benefits

Kathie gives a basic definition of interval training for fitness and how it benefits you.

Gym Talk – Free Weights or Machines?

Kathie explains the advantages and disadvantages of free weights and machines so you can decide for yourself.

Stretching Tips for Everyday

Kathie gives tips for stretching and it should be part of your daily life.

Utilize a Personal Trainer Today

Tweet Utilize a Personal Trainer Have you ever thought about utilizing a personal trainer? Are you unsure of what the benefits are? Well I have lined up 8 great reasons to use aread more

C-2-5k Weeks 7 and 8

Tweet Couch to 5k weeks 7 & 8 is very simple and should almost come as second nature to you by now.  You know how to do a warm-up walk, of this Iread more