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5 Common Fat Loss Mistakes

Kathie gives 5 fat loss mistakes that can really hlep with success of your weight loss plan!

Train Like a Champion

Tweet Every Monday the CEO of OCuSOFT, Cynthia Barratt, sends the entire company a motivational email from Boaz Rauchwerger. The emails are always very informative and motivational. What a great way to startread more

Do You Really Need a Multi-Vitamin?

Multi-vitamins do you need one or not?

Tips to Get Swimsuit Ready

Tweet This article has been getting a lot of hits lately so I thought I would post it up front and personal just for my recent subscribers. It is quite handy ya know!!!read more

What exactly is the Tracy Anderson Method?

Tweet I get this question a lot because I teach something very similar to it and have even before she came around. We called our class Floor Fit at my YMCA. What Tracy does (andread more

Antidotes to Overeating

Kathie lists 3 Antidotes to Overeating, just in time for that big overeating holiday, Thanksgiving!! This post was adapted from eatingwell.com which has so many great tips and healthy recipes. Enjoy!!

What a Thanksgiving Meal Can Do To YOUR Body

Tweet I am not telling you this information to make you feel guilty. I am one for enjoying all the foods and tastes Thanksgiving has to offer but I would be doing youread more

How Exercise Helps with Depression

Tweet If everyone knew that exercise worked as well as anti-depressant medication, then I don’t think this disease wouldn’t be affecting so many people. In other countries, doctors now use exercise as a first-lineread more

Jumpstart Your Metabolism with These Simple Tips

Want some simple tips to jumpstart your metabolism? Kathie gives some easy tips that you may or may not even thought of, read this blog post to find out how today!

Healthy Sleep: Why We Need It and How to Get More of It

Kathie tells why sleep is so important in our fitness. She gives you key ways to help you get more sleep. And tips on how to make your sleep better.